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Petey - AI Chat

Meet Petey, the AI assistant app for the iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch! With this app, you can now talk with ChatGPT right on the go.

Available for iOS, iPadOS & watchOS

Petey ChatGPT Apple Watch App


With Petey on in your pocket or on your wrist, you can easily access a vast source of knowledge and communicate with an intelligent computer in real-time…

Interact with ChatGPT right from your Apple Watch

Quickly get answers to your questions or generate longer messages by either typing to Petey or (even better) talking to Petey with dictation.

Share with anyone (or yourself)

Share the outcome of your interaction with others via text, email or social media

Customise your complication and experience

Set the app as a complication for easy access and change the face of Petey to your liking.


Petey will read out the answer to you, so you don't have to read it. But no worries, you can always turn it off.

Reply to Petey with Multiple Prompts

Want to learn even more after getting the first answer? You can reply and Petey will remember the context of the conversation.

GPT-4 Support (In-App Purchase or API Key Required)

GPT4 is here, but it's a lot pricier than Petey's base AI model. This is why upgrading requires an additional one-time purchase on watchOS or Petey Premium Subscription.

Create Playlists

Connect to Apple Music and create playlists with the press of a single button.

Rich Content

Petey makes answers easy to understand and fun to use, whether it’s links, locations, music, measurements, currency, or more.



"I’ve been using it for a week or so and it’s occasionally been genuinely handy, especially if you keep it on an easily-accessed watch face complication."

- John Gruber, Daring Fireball

"Compared to using the Siri ChatGPT Shortcut, Petey is faster and easier, as you only have to download the app and use the AI, compared to creating an OpenAI account, then downloading a shortcut in order to use it."

- Daryl Baxter, iMore

"Petey is the ChatGPT Apple Watch app you’ve been looking for"

- Chris Smith, BGR


"Petey works great. I’m sure it’s been said before but, think back a couple of years, could you imagine anything this complex, subtle, and productive on your wrist? Congratulations to the creator!"

- App Store Review


"I can't describe in words, the wonder of this App, just Great!"

- App Store Review



- App Store Review


Petey Premium

$6.99/month or $59.99/year

  • All models on watchOS, iOS & iPadOS
  • Always access to the latest models
  • High Quality Text-to-Speech
  • Be the first to try new features

Pay as you go

You can also use Petey by setting up your own OpenAI API Key.

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