Petey privacy policy

We minimize data collection from our apps and website, and we make every reasonable effort to keep private the data that we do collect. On this page, we outline what information we do collect, why we collect it, and who processes the information. By using our website or Petey, you accept this privacy policy. Except as disclosed here, Petey does not share data with other parties, except when required by law.

App privacy

Petey for watchOS, iPadOS, and iOS does not contain any third-party advertising SDKs.

If you choose, you can provide your email address to Petey while using the app. Your email will be treated as specified below under "Email address collection". Emails provided in this manner are not correlated with or tied to any other information we collect.

Apple collects telemetry from Petey, and provides it to us in an aggregated, anonymized fashion. For example, we can see how many users from a given country downloaded Petey, how many users installed Petey from a given marketing campaign, etc.

Apple does not provide any information about individual users to us.

Petey uses TelemetryDeck, a third-party analytics provider, to track usage. Petey sends data to TelemetryDeck in order to track certain actions, like when the app is run for the first time or when an in-app offer is purchased. This information is not correlated to any personally-identifiable information.

For more detail, please see TelemetryDeck's privacy notice.


We maintain mailing lists for distributing news about our apps. To accomplish this, we use the following services: Flodesk and Substack . We will never add your email address to our mailing lists without your clear consent. Once you consent (by entering your email address in a clearly-marked form, and then opting in to a confirmation email), you may withdraw your consent at any time. You can do so by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link, or by contacting us directly for manual removal.

Some parts of our website allow you to submit an inquiry to us that requires your contact information. We will only use your contact information for the purposes of replying to you.

Similarly, when you contact us by email (for technical support, etc.), we will only use your contact information for the purposes of replying to you.

This website

This website,, contains no third-party trackers or analytics.

Contact information

Your privacy and trust matters to us. If you have any questions about this policy, please email us at [email protected] , or write to us at the following service address:

User Camp Inc. DBA Pencil Research
2223A Oak Bay Avenue, Suite 122
Victoria, BC
V8R 1G4

Last updated: 2023-12-08